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☕️ How I Draw CLUTTERED BACKGROUNDS!! (TUTORIAL)||✨👾🍕🐟 ft. Etchr Lab Watercolours & Paper!!

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This was honestly such a fun (and intimidating) video to film!! This is my first video labelled as a “tutorial” so I’m honestly a bit nervous but I hope it doesn’t show too much or seem obnoxious. 👀 I didn’t want to come off as “this is the RIGHT way to do art” so I tried to keep the wording and advice casual and specific to my process and style 👍

I hope it was a bit helpful or maybe just interesting to watch loll 🧡✨

Also, if you need any clarification, have any Qs, advice, tips ‘n tricks, feel free to attack the comment section! I’ll try to answer as much as I can and I love hearing your ideas and feedback 🫡🧡


✨🖍Materials Used:

– Etchr Medium Accordion Sketchbook:
– Etchr 24 Half Pan Watercolour Set:
– Etchr Hot Press Paper Block A4:
– Orange Col-erase Pencil
– random eraser + kneaded eraser
– Art-n-fly 72 Premium Oil-Based Coloured Pencils
– White Posca Marker
– Etchr Masking tape
– Random paint brushes (feel free to ask about a specific one tho!)

☕️⭐️☕️⭐️☕️⭐️☕️⭐️☕️⭐️☕️⭐️☕️⭐️ ☕️⭐️☕️

✨🌱My Links:

Instagram –
My Art Shop – (‼️CLOSED ATM‼️)


✨🎵Music Credits:

Track #1: Way Home by Tokyo Music Walker
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

Track #2: LAKEY INSPIRED – Chill Day

0:00 – Intro & Unboxing Etchr Art Supplies
5:45 – Reference Photos
9:01 – Concept Sketches
18:18 – Sketching for Real
22:46 – Line Art & Colouring
38:19 – Final Thoughts & Reveal!!

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