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Best coffee roaster up to 1kg – Top 5 roasting machines tested

Aillio Bullet, Hottop, Gene Café, Behmor, Kaffelogic and many more – meanwhile there are several small coffee roasting machines in the market. In this video I compare the different categories: Home Roasters, Sample Roasters, Drum Roasters with all their strengths and weaknesses. I also present the best machines in each category from my point of view so that you can get a good overview. We carry out roasting tests so that you can see how the different roasting machines work and the quality of the coffee they roast.

Deutsche Version:

0:00 Comparison of coffee roasters price and capacity
1:53 Coffee roasters for the home
2:26 Home roaster from Behmor
6:50 Home roaster from Gene Café
10:16 Sample roasters and profile roasters
12:38 Sample roaster from Kaffelogic
16:13 Drum roasters
18:00 Drum roaster from Hottop
21:40 Drum roaster from Aillio
25:35 Coffee roasting with Behmor 2020SR
27:30 Coffee roasting with Gene Café CBR-101
29:25 Coffee roasting with Kaffelogic Nano 7e
30:38 Coffee roasting with Hottop KN-8828B-2K+
32:59 Roasting coffee with Aillio Bullet R1 V2
34:53 Comparison of roasting results
35:13 Conclusion of the comparison
36:12 Contact and more info

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At Roast Rebels, we are dedicated to a single theme: Roasting coffee at home. On the one hand we offer the most proven home roasters and high quality green coffees, on the other hand we want to support people who roast their coffee themselves with tips, knowledge, roasting profiles and tutorials to achieve good roasting results quickly.

You’ll find lots of information and roasting profiles on our website, as well as here on the YouTube channel.
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