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Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro Review #brevillegrinder

If you’re looking for best grinding results, the Breville Smart Grinder Pro is for you. When you’re serious about your coffee, then you already know that the grind is everything.

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00:00 Introduction
00:23 Build
00:37 Beans Hopper
01:21 40mm Burrs
01:57 LCD Display
02:45 Changing the Grind
03:50 Grinding Performance
04:07 Upper Burr Carrier Grind Adjustment
04:35 Grinds Catcher & Portafilter Cradle
05:43 Noise and Retention
07:17 Breville vs Niche Zero

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro has 60 grind settings and uses 40mm conical burrs engineered to grind for all brewing methods including espresso. This high-performance coffee grinder includes an array of features that make it easy to grind and brew your favourite coffee. It will also allow you to grind directly into a portafilter or air-tight container, allowing you to grind fresh coffee in seconds. With 60 Grind Settings, you can customise, depending on your brewer of choice.

So whether it’s a French Press, Stovetop Moka or daily Espresso, the time-based grinding feature ensures accuracy for your dose, which lead to less waste. The Smart Grinder Pro remembers your preferences and stores them in its memory so you can grind the same amount every time with perfect consistency.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro Features
Fresh Ground Coffee in seconds – Experience the flavour and aroma of fresh coffee every day.

Memory Settings – Set up your Grinder once and it’ll remember how much and what grind size.

60 Grind Settings – Adjustable for a fine Espresso grind all the way coarse to a French Press grind.

Fast, Time-Based Dosing – Using the LCD display, the program you dose in 0.2sec increments.

450g Hopper – Large hopper holding week’s worth of beans ready to grind at the push of a button.

Stainless Steel Housing – Sturdy and durable steel housing for a premium grinder.

This Product Includes
Breville Smart Grinder Pro
Portafilter Cradles: Small 50-54 mm Large 58 mm
Grinds Container with Lid & Sealing Cap
Grinder Cleaning Brush



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