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BUDGET GRINDER SHOWDOWN!: Best Grinder Under $250

In this BEHEMOTH of a video, the product of 2 months of work, I take a look at the best options for flat burr grinders under $250. TIME CUES BELOW TO SKIP AROUND!

Find all the information for each grinder below.
About the espresso test- I pulled a Blooming Espresso profile to showcase just how fine these grinders can go. I was able to choke the machine, even on a blooming profile, so you KNOW these grinders can handle the longest of profiles on your home lever machine or flow capable machine.
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From left to right in thumbnail:

Feima 600N: $199
THANK YOU Café Clément for donating this grinder for the video. Check out their coffees:
To buy:
Feima 600N/610N Home Coffee Grinder

Akira Koki M520a: $140
Reach out to Vanivito at –
Grinder is $140 and SSP multipurpose burrs are $153.90. Can order with them outfitted.

Xeoleo: $141.90
Titanium coated burrs (same as Urbanic) $70

Urbanic 070s: $180 current price!
Can also get with steel burrs and save money
YOU ALL CRASHED THEIR SITE! Order through Amazon-

RRH Burr Coffee Grinder: $69.99

Yaemarine (100w): $52.95

The “Gevi” Burrs:

BELLOWS (puffer) fits on any of these grinders:

This video was loads of fun putting together. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have about anything said. It was a long video ha!

Make sure to use the various threads on for information from other vantage points, including other modifications that can be done (3D printed knobs with more ticks, different hoppers, etc).
Time Cues:
0:00- Introduction
2:20- Overview of the Six
5:44- Stepless Mod
7:30- Opening a Grinder
10:50- BURRS
16:24- Which burrs fit in what grinder
21:43- Initial Recommendations
25:20- Variable RPM Mods
29:50- Voltage Disclaimer
31:02- How to Calibrate
32:48- Taste Test
42:17- Quick Overview on Filter
44:55- Cool Catch Cup
46:42- Important Conclusion


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