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Coffee Bean Coasters/ How to Make Coffee Bean Resin Coasters

Who loves the smell of fresh coffee beans from a newly opened bag of coffee? Best smell in the morning, right? Until you wash them in rubbing alcohol and set them in resin. Sort of ruined that great smell lol. I wanted to make coffee bean coasters for those who love coffee. There was a bit of prep work with these because I didn’t want the beans to seep into the resin and make coffee resin as they cured. Plus, I didn’t know how the oils from the beans would react with the resin. I have seen other videos were the oil bleed to the top of the resin and left a nasty residue.
So, first step was the alcohol wash to rinse off any oil, dust and first bleed. Next hurdle was coffee beans float. So, I knew this was going to be a 2 pour project. Lastly, I didn’t want these to look like a lump of nastiness, so I needed to make sure they were spread out like spilled beans and not something left over in the toilet bowl.
Needless to say, these turned out great. Some of the beans still bleed a little, which gives me an idea for another project, but, if I want to make more of these for my shop, I now know to rinse them a little longer in the alcohol. The rest of the hurdles were handles as I was planning. I plan on keeping available in my shop for a while.

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