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DIY Coffee Bar | Beginner Friendly DIY Coffee Bar | Only 3 Power Tools Needed

Hi y’all in today’s video we will be building a DIY coffee bar! I am so excited for this project, it has been months in the making (in my head, lol) so join us as we build it!

You honestly only need a circular saw, brad nailer and drill! A sander is definitely optional, as you can just sand by hand!

I was motivated to build a custom coffee bar because we knew we wanted a beverage so I needed it to be the perfect size to fit the fridge and also to fit the small space I had available for a coffee bar. I could not find anything already made that would work, and I love the ones on Etsy but wasn’t looking to spend around $700.

This project cost us about $200 (not including the beverage fridge and tools).

This project realistically took us about 8 hours to build, we spread it across a couple of days, since we did start late on Sunday after watching the Packers play.

The painting did take a bit longer as I did wait the recommended time on the stains and paint to dry between coats.

I did have an interesting predicament with the stain as well, I learned a lesson that’s for sure! If you want to see what I mean check out my Instagram stories!


Also check out my Instagram for more behind the scenes of everyday projects I get into that don’t always make it into my YouTube videos!

Thanks for watching y’all! I’ll see you in the next video!


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