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LA MARZOCCO LINEA MICRA: Review of La Marzocco's New Home Espresso Machine!

MY FIRST LM GB5 WAS 10 YEARS OLD NOT 20! Started on it in 2015 and the GB5 (first in 2005) we had was one of the first serial codes. I think I’m older than I am!

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Find below time cues, links, AND another Temperature Test (at 98C).

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This article has both the WBC standards for heat test PLUS bonus responses to questions by Greg Scace himself:
*I did not take averages from 4-25 seconds and produce standard deviation as protocol asks for because I don’t have a data logger. Apologies. working on getting one!

This article shows the building of a Piero Group Cap and explains it in the thread:

98C Temp Test:
shot–temp–time before pull
1– 96.1C (10min)
2— 97.6 C (5min)
3— 97.8C (2min)
4— 98.6C (2min)
5— 97.9C (1min)
6— 98.2C (1min)
7— 97.1C (30s)
8— 98.2C (30s)
9— 94.5C (10s)
0— 93C (10s)
1— 90.8C (10s)
2— 88.5C (10s)
3— 87.7C (10s)
4— 87.7C (10s)
Time Cues:
0:00- Intro
1:42- Visual Overview
3:27- Beatbox Break
3:44- Visual Cont’d
6:54- LM Home App
9:54- Temperature Testing
12:13- Insides
18:41- Mini Milk Digression
19:31- Elephant in the Room
22:04- Wrap-up

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Music provided by Infraction
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