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Making an Epoxy & Concrete Coffee Table

This episode shows how to make a modern coffee table from epoxy resin and white concrete. I’m calling it the “Arctic Erosion” coffee table. I used thick set epoxy resin with blue epoxy pigment, and a white GFRC concrete mix with white concrete pigment, to make this modern coffee table. Some have pointed out the concrete & epoxy coffee table somewhat resembles a Minecraft lake, although any resemblance is unintentional 🙂

I’m really happy how this table came out – the epoxy and white concrete both shine, and the design is probably my favorite thing I’ve made to date.

I think it is important when sharing designs, to give credit to other designers who inspired you. The design of this concrete and epoxy table was heavily inspired by Brandon Gore’s concrete erosion sink, and the art work of Ben Young. Since I don’t sell my work, Brandon would likely be the person to contact if you would like to buy a custom table that is similar to this. Here are links to both those folks – I highly suggest checking them out. They inspired me, and will likely inspire you too!

o Gore Design Co.:
o Ben Young Sculpture:

o YouTube:
o Instagram: @shaunboydmadethis –

o Instagram: @modustrialmaker –
o Blog:

o Cheshire Concrete Designs: @chesireconcreteofficial –
o Concrete Movement: @concretemovement –
o Ore 96: @ore96 –

o Sign up for a FREE EASEL account:
o Inventables X-Carve CNC:
o Inventables Easel Projects for Foam Knockout (might require some tweaks, but foam is cheap and cuts quick 😊)
o Part 1:
o Part 2:
o Spektra Compression Bit:

GET 20% OFF Total Boat with the CODE: “MODUSTRIAL” (when purchased through
o Total Boat Thick Set Epoxy Resin:
o Blue Transparent Pigment:
o Vacuum Pot:
o Vacuum Pump:
o Torch:
o Epoxy/Plastic Polish:
o Fine grit sandpaper (to 2000 grit):

o GFRC Concrete Mix:
o AR Glass Fibers:
o Cake Fondant Tool for perfect edges:
o Helical Mixing Paddle:
o Concrete mixer:
o Concrete pigments:
o 1-part concrete sealer:
o Black 100% Silicone Caulk:
o Paste Finishing Wax:
o “From Scratch” GFRC Recipes:
o Hopper Spray Gun (for spray-on face coat):
o Air compressor (for spray gun):

o SawStop Table Saw:
o Kreg Miter Sled:
o Fine finish miter saw blade:
o Melamine blade:
o DFM Toolworks Mini-Square:
o Spektra Compression Bit:
o Hikoki / Metabo HPT Cordless Circular Saw:
o Hikoki / Metabo HPT Cordless Angle Grinder
o Hikoki / Metabo HPT (Insane!!) 36V Impact Driver:
o Hikoki / Metabo HPT 12V Impact Driver: Coming Soon!!
o Hikoki / Metabo HPT Random Orbit Sander:
o Heat Gun:

Thanks to Total Boat and Inventables for supporting this project.

And, thanks to Hikoki / Metabo HPT for supporting everything I’m doing for the channel.


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