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NEW Apple Fall Decor DIYS Coffee Bar #9 (Dollar Tree DIY)

My coffee bar DIYS for fall are apples. These would be great in any kitchen or apple tiered tray as well. All using supplies from the Dollar Tree. Perfect for fall. We have apple cider, candy apples and apple pie.

The first fall DIY is an Apple orchard sign. I use a thrift flip sign and paint it blue (after figuring out how to remove mod podge). I paint a dollar tree galvanized metal apple red. I freehand paint the word APPLES in ivory, I distress dollar tree letters to spell out YOU PICK. I paint a wood dollar tree arrow Ivory and paint THIS WAY. SO cute. And it goes great with my coastal farmhouse style.

The next apple DIY is an adorable FRESH PICKED APPLES ceramic loaf pan from dollar tree. I fill it with foam and then painted wood apples and tiny sunflowers from the dollar tree.

The next fall coffee bar DIY is candy apples. I use two seagrass “pumpkins” from the dollar tree. I remove the stem and trim the wood picks to look like candy apple skewers. They look just like apples. I DIY a dollar store wood plaque for a candy apple base. I paint on CANDY APPLES and glue on the faux caramel apples. So cute.

I found a beautiful red ceramic apple at the Dollar Tree. I use matte mod podge to take down the shine. So pretty.

The next fall DIY is a faux apple cider. I use a glass mug from the dollar tree. I add clear and white school glue. I dye the glue apple cider tan by using golden and brown paints. I glue together two sticks to look like a cinnamon stick. I finish this with a tiny Apple Cider sign from the Target dollar spot ($1).

I DIY a frame for an apple pie sign from dollar tree using dollar tree chunky craft wood. I stain the wood to look like driftwood and cut to size. I simply hot glue the wood to the Apple pie recipe sign creating a rustic frame.

My next find is a large wood Apple from the thrift store. It just needed a slight refresh with paint. Perfect for my apple themed coffee bar.

I DIY a dollar tree sign to make it look like wood. I use a dollar tree apple decal to add an apple to the sign.

I make a FALL apple pennant banner. I paint 4 dollar tree wood apple ornaments red. I paint the letters F A L L ivory and glue those to the apples. I string with dollar tree twine and hang on my apple coffee bar.

I use another seagrass “pumpkin” as an apple by removing the skewer.

I DIY another dollar tree ceramic red apple. I tone down the glossiness with matte mod podge and paint the apple leaf and stem.

I DIY a thrift flip apple basket by white washing the basket with ivory chalk paint.

I LOVE FALL and I really love doing it with a beachy feel.

What was your favorite Crafty Beach apple fall DIY today?

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