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Ninja Coffee Bar Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the new Ninja Coffee Bar. LINK to Ninja Coffee Bar:
LINK to Ninja Coffee Bar with thermal carafe: It measures 15 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It is large and will take up counter space. The coffee maker lets you choose the size and strength of coffee you want to brew. The housing is plastic with some steel accents. It looks different from any other coffee machine. A little strange and a little retro.
LINK to Permanent Filter:

The unit comes with a brew basket that slides out so you can fill with coffee. It is removable for cleaning. Some paper filters, no. 4 cone are included. A glass carafe that holds a maximum of 43 ounces sits on a hot plate which should keep coffee hot for up to 2 hours. There is another model that comes with a stainless steel thermal carafe. There’s also a coffee scooper which is equivalent to your standard coffee scoop. It’s very clearly marked and tells you how many scoops to use depending on the size you are brewing. That shows there was a lot of thought that went into the design of this unit. Ninja has tried to make it user friendly and easy. You cannot use any coffee pods with this unit. A manual milk frother as well as an instruction manual and recipes are included with the unit.

The brew basket has a drip stop button that you can close if you want to pause brewing and pour coffee. You can open the drip stop to continue brewing. This cup platform pulls down so you can use different size cups or mugs. The plastic water tank is clear, removable and holds ounces. There are minimum and maximum markings as well as different cup size markings on the tank. Turn it counterclockwise to remove and clockwise to lock into place. It is easy to fill since there is a wide opening. You can also remove the lid and fill water that way. The control panel is clearly laid out and easy to use. Before you brew, choose the size – cup, travel mug, half carafe or full carafe. Choose the brew type – classic, rich which is supposed to be more intense, over ice which is 2x more concentrated than classic or specialty which is 3x more concentrated than classic. You would use specialty when making cappuccinos, lattes etc. The warming plate will keep coffee hot for 2 hours and will automatically shut off after that. You can press the stay warm button to turn the warming plate off anytime within the two hours. There is a programmable delay brew so you can set the unit to brew up to 24 hours in advance.There is a clean cycle indicator that tells you when your unit should be cleaned.

Before you use the machine, run 2 carafes of water through it using the clean cycle. After that you’re ready to make coffee. I used my permanent filter with this unit to brew a single cup and the coffee tasted good. There was some sediment on the bottom of my cup so it might be better to use paper filters and a coarser grind of coffee. I’ll fill the tank with water. You can fill it up to the max line and the unit knows how much water to use depending on the size you’ve chosen. That’s a very useful feature since you don’t have to measure the water. I’ll put in 2 scoops of coffee in the filter. Close the basket. Choose the cup size and select rich brew. The machine will start brewing and it will stop after a few seconds, you won’t hear anything and then it will start brewing again. Ninja states this is to evenly saturate the coffee grinds. The coffee is extremely hot and tastes good.

There are many options to choose from with cup size and brew type. I like that you can make regular coffee, iced coffee and cappuccinos, lattes with one machine. I’m not saying this machine makes the best espresso based drinks but it will make decent versions. For the price, you’re getting a lot of functions.

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