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Reviewing the ARCO 2-in-1 Coffee Grinder from Goat Story | Coffee with April #216

This week, we’re testing the capabilities of a new hybrid grinder on the marker; the ARCO grinder from Goat Story.

The ARCO is a single dose grinder that can be used as a traditional hand grinder or paired with the motorised attachment to provide a faster grinding method. In this video we discuss the performance, the easy to use grind setting mechanism and what you can expect regarding the grind quality when using both modes.

As we mention in this video, we found that the distribution of particle sizes varied depending on which mode we were using, you can see the size in microns below:

Automatic – D50=725μm
Manual – D50=778μm

If you would like to learn more about this brewer, you can find more information by following this link:

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Music by Andrew Blumhagen

Graphics by Chloé Shephard


Produced by April Media – 2022


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