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Saeco Xelsis – Fully Automatic Espresso Machine – Review Video | SM76XX series

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Exquisite coffee, easily crafted to your taste
Craft 15 drinks at a touch with Coffee Equalizer™
From strong ristretto to perfect cappuccino – create coffee experiences that satisfy your
demands. Simply swipe the touchscreen to choose from 15 recipes. Coffee Equalizer™
fine tunes coffee recipes for discerning coffee drinkers.
Barista coffees at your command
• 15 of the world’s best coffee drinks at your fingertips
• Our most advanced touch screen display
• 6 user profiles: the easiest way to store your recipes
• Makes 2 cups of coffee drinks at once, including Cappuccino
Superior taste, time after time
• Ceramic grinders ensure stable performance for 20,000 cups
• Saeco extracts the best part of your fresh coffee beans
• Excellent milk foam thanks to our Latte Perfetto technology
• High-performance quick heating water boiler
Effortless cleaning and maintenance
• Featuring AquaClean for up to 5000* cups without descaling
• Proven hygiene of milk system with steam cleaning
• Internal brew group is easy to remove and rinses in seconds
• Three-click cleaning and maintenance system

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