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SR540 (or SR800) Coffee Roaster Thermocouple Installation

In this video I show how I installed two thermocouples in the SR540 coffee roaster and connected them to the Artisan Software. This setup also works for the SR800, although you might consider a longer Bean Thermocouple.

Jump to a section:
0:20 – Artisan 2 Thermocouple Instructions
0:31 – Thermocouple Parts
1:00 – Thermocouple Software Drivers
1:40 – Artisan Thermocouple Input Configuration
2:06 – Thermocouples installation on SR540 or SR800
6:01 – Artisan Sampling Interval and Curves Filters settings
6:57 – Would I do anything different?

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Thermocouple Setup Instructions:
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Type K ThermocouplesI (this is from Phidgets but you can use any Type K thermocouple):
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Phidget VINT Hub:
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Mini-USB Cable:
Phidget Driver Installation – Windows:
Phidget Driver Installation – MacOS:
Phidget Control Panel Instructions:


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